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Sex Dice.

I leaned back on Zayn’s chest, “What if we watch a movie?” Liam asked. “I am not in the movie watching mood, let’s do something else.” Niall said. ” We could play a game?” Zayn insisted. “I am down.” Niall said. “I am up for it.” I said. “Ditto, now what game Malik?” Liam asked. ” Hmm. What do you want to play babe?” Zayn asked me. He fingered thru my hair playing with it. “Any game works.” I replied. “I’ll go look in the closet for some games.” Niall said, hopping off Zayn’s king sized bed, walking over to the closet where we kept all of our games. “Uh.. You have Clue.” Niall suggested.  ”GAY!” Liam shouted. “Okay… There’s Operation?” Niall said. “Still GAY!” Liam screamed again. “Oohh look what we got here…” Niall said walking out of the closet. “What is it?” Zayn asked. “Sex dice.” Niall smirked. I instantly turned a shade of red, I was embarrassed how much Zayn’s friends knew about our sex life. “Is it cool with you if we play, (your name)?” Liam asked. I looked at Zayn who had his signature smirk across his face. “Yeah it should be fun.” I said biting my lip. We all got in a circle on the bed. Niall shook the dice around in his hand like the dealers in Vegas. “Do you wanna go first Zayn?” Niall asked. “Uh sure.” Zayn said grabbing the dice from his hand. He shook them around before tossing them on the bed. The dice read:

Zayn gave a dry laugh before leaning over to me. His hot breath warmed my cool skin, his soft tongue glided up my neck to behind my ear. “(your name)’s turn.” Liam said. I gathered the dice then shuffled them before tossing them. The dice told me to:

I picked Niall, I have always had a little crush on Niall since I started dating Zayn. I pushed him down the bed. I grabbed the hem of his shirt pulling it off his body. I leaned down to his abs winking at him. I kissed him three times, and on the last time I stuck my tongue thru my lips making him cringe in pleasure. I sat back up and looked towards Zayn, who was biting his lip; he knew how much I was teasing him. Liam grabbed the dice and tossed them on the bed. The dice read:

He looked at me and leaned over. His nose pressed up against mine. His deep brown eyes looked into mine. He leaned forward and his teeth bit down on my bottom lip. His eyes where staring deep into mine. He gently pulled at my lip before he released and sat back down. Niall grabbed and shook the dice up before tossing them on the bed. The dice told him to:

Niall, who was still shirtless, had a huge grin on his face. I looked at Zayn from the corner of my eye; his facial expression was a mix between horny and jealous. Niall came in front of me. He looked me up and down and winked at me before grabbed the bottom of my shirt, pulling over my head exposing my red lacy see through bra. His eyes stared at my bra that covered me. I reached behind my back, unclipping my bra. He watched as it dropped exposing my boobs. Zayn still looked jealous, but more hornier than ever. Niall leaned down to my right nipple blowing on it. I let out a soft whimper as my nipples hardened. He moved to my left nipple blowing it too. I gasped for air, I tilted my head back as he pleasures me. His warm tongue flicked over my hard nipple. I moaned and felt another tongue pleasuring my other nipple at the same time. I looked down and saw Zayn licking my other nipple. I moaned and Liam worked his was behind me and started to suck and kiss my neck. Niall closed his lips on my nipple and bite down a little. I whimpered and grabbed the comforter. Zayn did the same thing, I grabbed the comforter even tighter.  As they continued sucking my nipples and Liam’s tongue danced around my neck. I felt a hand slide down my stomach towards my shorts. They got unbuttoned and unzipped in a matter of seconds. Niall had stopped sucking and traveled up to my lips. Our lips danced among each other as Liam sucked a hickey on my neck. Niall bit down on my bottom lip asking to enter my mouth, and his warm tongue slid in my mouth. As our tongues moved in sync with each others Zayn had gotten my pants off and was playing with the wet fabric on my thong. I moaned in the kiss, I slid my hands back and starting rubbing the huge bulge in Liam’s pants. Zayn grabbed my thong pulling it off. I grabbed Liam’s pants unbuttoning them and pulling them down. 
Soon everyones clothes littered the floor. Niall was laying down on his back as I straddled him. I began giving him kisses up and down his neck as I grinded my wetness up against his hard cock. I grabbed his hard and shoved it in me. I slowly began to ride my hips up and down his shaft. I felt hands grab my my hips pulling them back as I rode Niall. I felt their hard dick press up against my anal hole. I moaned in pain as they slid into me. Niall kept still while they where entering me. “It’s okay babe, just relax.” I heard Zayn’s hoarse voice moan up against my neck. He got all the way in me then slowly began moving himself in and out of me. Suddenly then pain faded and a new feeling of pleasure came over me. Liam was stroking his hard member watching us. I bent over Niall and licked the swollen head of Liam’s dick. He slid his cock in my mouth, filling my mouth up. After I got used to Zayn in my ass. Niall began to thrust his hips up moving his cock in and out of me. I moaned on Liam’s dick as I took more and more of him into my mouth. Zayn’s grip on my hips tightened as he sped up his pace. “Mmh harder, Zayn!” I moaned as he went deeper in me. I felt Niall’s hand slowly go down and massage my clit. My stomach tensed up and my lips tightened on Liam’s cock. He grunted and thrusted it in and out of my mouth. Niall rubbed my clit harder and I hit my first orgasm. I screamed on Liam’s dick and rode Niall and Zayn as hard as I could. My body was shaking from my orgasm, but kept going. “Ugh (your name)!! You are so tight!” Niall yelled thrusting himself into my g-spot. I bobbed my head up and down Liam’s huge dick. I swirled my tongue around the head of his dick and rubbed his balls. Zayn kept thrusting into me at a rapid pace. Niall went slower than Zayn; but Zayn went deeper. I moaned on Liam’s dick and gagged on him as he went deep in my throat. Liam let out a loud grunt and shot into my throat, he pulled out and I  finally let out the screams I had been holding in. “UGH!! Faster Nialllll!!” I screamed. Justin slapped my ass and pulled my hair as he pounded into me a few more times. “(YOUR NAME)!!” Zayn screamed shooting cum in me, filling my ass up. Niall went deeper into me hitting my g-spot with every thrust. “Mmmh (your name)!!!” Niall moaned as he came into my centre. The warmness struck my pussy walls. I was so close to another orgasm. Niall and Zayn slid out of me and laid me on my back. Zayn pushed my sweaty hair out of my face and started kissing me. Niall started sucking on my nipples like he had earlier, and Liam positioned himself between my legs. He kissed up the insides of my thighs to my bikini line. He licked up and down my throbbing clit, he stuck a finger in my hole that Niall had been in and pumped the finger in and out of it. He took my clit between his teeth and stuck another finger in me. I grabbed Zayn’s hair and pulled on it as I moaned into the kiss. Liam stuck another finger in me and started sucking my swollen clit. Niall’s soft tongue was pleasuring my nipples as Liam’s three fingers pumped in and out of me. I pulled Zayn’s hair harder and screamed into his plush lips. My stomach tightened up again and Liam pumped the fingers further in me and sucked me harder. I bucked my hips up and down and had a mind blowing orgasm. After a full minute of screaming in pleasure,  he removed his tongue and laid down next to me as well as Zayn and Niall. I was so sweaty and out of breath, as well as the guys. “I saw a deck of cards in the closet, anyone up for some sex poker?” Niall asked.

Study Break

I closed my eyes in pleasure as I felt Harry’s warm tongue lick me above my drenched clit. He moved down and lightly kisses my pussy lips. He whispered,” (your name).” up against my wet centre. His warm breath hit it and made me give out a soft moan. “(your name).” he said again. “Hmm?” I said. “(your name) wake up.” My eyes shot open and saw my flatmate standing by my bed. She said,”Your class started 1 hour ago.” “Crap.” I yelled. She left my room and I hopped out of bed. Thank god I had the blankets over me, I thought, she would have seen what my exotic dream made me do to myself. I pulled a white v-neck over my flushed face and threw on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and laced up my grey converse. I grabbed my books and ran out to my car. I drove to my class. I ran through the halls to my class. Great, I thought the class I have with Harry. I got outside of the closed classroom door, I fixed my hair and clothes and walked in. The whole class looked at me, I walked down one of the aisles of seats and sat took the last open seat, which happened to be right behind Harry. I grabbed my textbook and Harry turned around and said,” I think we are on page 269. I am not sure, I haven’t really been paying attention..” I gave a small nod and he turned back around. Mrs. Wells said to the class,” okay continue reading to page 278 and write a paragraph annotating the chapter by tomorrow.” And she left the classroom with a handful of papers. Louis, a friend of Harry’s who sat beside me, whispered,” So where were you?” Hah if he only knew… “I overslept.” I said. “Cool.” he said. The class gathered their belonging and left the class. I grabbed my books and stood up to leave when I felt a hand on my arm. I turned and saw Harry standing there, he said,” Well since we are both pretty behind on this book, do you wanna have a little study session at my flat after school?” OHMYGOD, I JUST DIED. “Uh sure, I don’t think I have anything going on today.” I said cooly. “Alright cool,” he said, “I am parked right outside.”
I started walking down the side walk and he grabbed my hand and pulled me the other direction. “Wrong way,” he said. I blushed as we walked out to his car still hand-in-hand. He opened my door for me and ran around and got in the drivers seat. He drove across town and pulled up to this cute little flat. He unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. I grabbed my books and followed him inside. He threw down his stuff and yelled,” do you want anything to drink?” you!! I thought but just said,” no thanks.” He came out of the kitchen holding two water bottles. He plopped down on the couch and patted the cushion by him, signaling me to sit. I came and sat down next to him. I put my books and sat them on the coffee table in front of us. Harry let out a loose laugh. I turned and looked at him and said,” What?” He said,” You are actually going to study?” OHMYGOSH!! He wants to do something else??? ” Isn’t that what you invited me over for?” I asked. He leaned in toward me, our lips were inches away. He said,” Louis is further behind on that book than I am. I could have invited him, but he isn’t hot, like you.” My insides melted and he brushed my hair out of my face and his emerald green eyes met my brown ones. He moved in closer and said,”My flatmate will be home pretty soon…” He leaned in and kissed me gently. I pulled away and moved so I was facing him a little more. I leaned towards him and his lips hit mine a little harder and  rougher than before. I was starting to get wet. He moved his hand on the inside of my thigh. It was pretty close to my wetness, I moaned thru the kiss. His hands grabbed me and pulled me to where I was straddling him. Our lips reconnected and he pushed his tongue in my mouth. I moaned and rubbed my hand up and down his abs. I tugged at his shirt and he broke away from the kiss and he pulled his shirt off showing his toned chest. I looked down and saw a huge bulge sticking up from in his pants. I rubbed my hands back over his chest and he began to kiss my neck. I moaned and moved down to his bulge. He gasped for breath as I ran my fingers over it. I teased him and rubbed down his thighs leaving him wanting more. I felt a bulge in his pocket and leaned forward. I reached in his pocket and pulled out his wallet. I looked at him and bit my lip. He said in a deep voice, “It’s in the first pocket.” I opened it up and reached in the first pocket and found a condom. His breathing had increased, I leaned forward and threw his wallet aside. I began kissing and sucking on his neck, I whispered, “When is your flatmate going to be home?” His hands grabbed my ass and he said,” In like twenty minutes.” He grabbed my shirt pulling it off me and exposing my black lace bra. I grabbed his pants and pulled them off along with his tight Calvin Klein briefs. I let out a moan as I saw his 9 inch cock. I grabbed it and pumped my hands up and down it a few times. I looked back up at him with my lip bit. Harry said,” You can play with it if you want to babe.” I spread his legs and squatted down between his legs. His huge dick was standing straight up. I put my hands on the inner of his thighs and leaned my head down. I flicked my tongue across his swollen head. He sighed and said,” Oh babe, I know it’s big but please try to suck it.” I took that as a challenge and stuck half of him in my mouth. He moaned and threw his head back in pleasure and closed his eyes. I went back up on him  and back down. I did this repeatedly, playing with his balls occasionally. He groans and moans filled the room and he grabbed my head and pulled me off. He said,”That was great, I am so close to cumming.” He pulled me up and slid my jeans off. I grabbed the condom I threw aside earlier and slid it down on his hard dick.I unclipped my bra letting it fall to the floor as his eyes got wide looking at my boobs. I climbed on the couch and straddled him again. My wetness was looming above his juicy shaft. He rubbed my panties against my wetness as I moaned in pleasure. I got back up and pulled them down and threw them on the other side of the room. I climbed back on the couch straddling him. He placed his hands on my hips and slowly eased me down on his length. I let out a soft moan as his head rubbed up against my clit. I felt him push himself in me, he slowly eased his way in, I screamed out his name as it was half way in me. He said,” If I am to big for you, we can do something else.” I nodded my head and came up on his dick. He thought I was going to pull off him, but instead I slammed back down on him. He grunted and thrusted his hips up. I screamed,” Harry!!!” and he did it again harder and faster. It hurt at first because of how big he was, but it turned into pleasure and I began to bounce up and down on his huge cock. His eyes were watching my boobs go up and down. He let go of my hips and grabbed my nipple. He twisted and pulled it, I started breathing harder and harder. I slowed my pace down on his dick, he flicked his tongue over my nipple. He sucked it hard, making little sucking noises. I wrapped my arms around his neck, as I kept going up and down on him. He left go of my nipple and pulled his juicy cock out of pussy. He pushed me off him and laid me down on the ground. He spread my legs and said,” It will be easier to clean up down here.” He lined up his huge shaft and thrusted it in. Our moans and groans filled the room as our hot and sweaty bodies pounded up against each others. He reached his hand down and violently rubbed my clit above his huge cock. He slammed in me a few more times, I screamed out in pleasure and my pussy walls began to tighten up around his giant dick. He screamed out, “(Your name)!!!!!” And my pussy milked his cock of his warm cum. He thrusted in a few more times. He kept himself in me for a few minutes rocking back and forth. He finally pulled out and kissed down my body to my centre. He slid his tongue down my clit as I struggled keeping my composure. He blew his warm breath on me before licking my clit again. He shoved one of his fingers in me; thrusting it in and out. I moaned as my body began to tense up. I felt him stick another finger in. I began to ride his fingers as he reached up with his other hand rubbing my hard nipples. Harry pounded his fingers in out of me as my orgasm started. I screamed in pleasure as my body began trembling as he went harder. After I was finished, he laid down next to me. I turned to him and kissed his gentle lips again. He pushed my hair out of my eyes and smiled and starred at me with his green eyes. A loud noise came from the far side of the flat. He sat up really fast and said,” Oh shit!! My flatmate is home!!” He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a towel and cleaned up the cum on the ground. I threw my clothes on and Harry grabbed his shirt and jeans pulled them on. He plopped down on the couch next to me, and Zayn walked in. “Hey kids. Harry zip your fly.” he said then exited the room. Harry turned bright red and zipped his fly. I sighed,” Fuck that was close.” He said,” I would totally study again. It was tight.” I giggled at his joke, he leaned in and kissed me again.

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